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Originally released on the All Day Face digital EP, 2013

(Music and lyrics by Chris McKay)

I know that only a relative handful of people on planet Earth have any idea that I exist. I also know that even less of them know that I make music. Still, you’d be surprised how often those people good-naturedly pressure me to do this or that. I get advice and nudging all the time. "Why don’t you record this song? Why don’t you do this? Why aren’t you playing live? Why aren’t you playing live with these guys? Why? When? How?"

And while I always have and always will appreciate their interest, 

the answer is always very simple for me.

"I’ll be doing it as soon as it's the right thing for me to do." I can’t really do something that I don’t enjoy for long. I've never had that skill. Heck, I can’t even seem to do something that I kind of enjoy for long unless is continues to hold an interest. It has to continue to evolve while not letting go of that initial spark.

Yeah, I can be a bit divaish in those ways. I admit it. So? The thing is, everything good in my life has come from that drive along with my inability to fake it very well.

This song is directed (lovingly) back to those people and to also underline my own anxiety, which is actually a big part of the drive to keep on pushing despite the odds.

That anxiety about what’s to come is also the excitement to experience what’s next. The excitement isn’t possible without the anxiety. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m very anxious to find out.

This also seemed an appropriate choice as the first “solo single”
(inasmuch as that kind of thing exists in 2014). It’s also the first song where I’m playing the full drum kit. I also played drums on “Best Case Scenario” and “The Best Of What’s Around” from this compilation.


That Excites Me

(Music and lyrics by Chris McKay)

Don't ask me to hurry.
I've got nothing to prove.
I won't let myself worry, 'cause there's nothing that I can do.
I've done all they've asked me, everything I can.
Now I'm doing what I want.
I'm being who I am.

And who that is, I'm not sure,
But that excites me even more.

I've lost track of time now or it's lost track of me.
That's how I like it. That's the way it oughtta be.
It gives me time to wander and kill time on my own.
Until it catches and kills me, you'll find me where I go.

And where that is, I'm not sure,
But that excites me even more.

Don't ask me to explain it.
There's nothing I can prove.
I won't let myself worry, 'cause there's nothing I can do.
Don't ask silly questions, 'cause I won't hear a word.
If you've really been listening, you've already heard.


from Best Case Scenario: A Studiography, released October 25, 2014
Chris McKay (All vocals and instruments except piano)
Mark Plemmons (Piano)

Recording finished at Kyle Spence's studio using basic tracks begun at home.

Recorded by Kyle Spence

Mixed by Chris McKay and Kyle Spence
Produced by Chris McKay



all rights reserved