Heavy Cloud (Instrumental Version)

by Chris McKay

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2014 has been a tough year.

December has been one of the toughest months of a tough year (so far).

Over the past week, I had to drive nearly 1,600 miles round trip to get Amanda and myself up to the funeral of our Uncle.

Besides the obvious emotional difficulty of losing a family member, I had to miss a few much needed photo shoots, a music gig, and a memorial for another friend who had suddenly died.

This was not the best of times.

The drive from Athens to Chicago was mostly cloudy, rainy, and foggy. It suited the mood. We got there and while we were glad to see family, it was not an easy situation...obviously...we were there for a wake and a funeral for someone that we cared about.

On one of the days that we were there, I wound up out of it enough to just stay in the hotel feeling terrible all day while the family went on without me.

The next morning, we were up before sunrise preparing for the drive back from Chicago to Athens, Georgia. That drive was also cloudy, rainy, and mostly grey for hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of miles. State line after state line. City upon city. Field upon field.

The day after I got back (yesterday), this piece of music came to me. I think it reflects my feelings and my experiences over the past week.

It's only what it is and nothing more.

I like this piece of music, but honestly, I'd rather not be inspired, have my friends and family stay alive, and be able to go on about business as usual.

Here's to a better 2015 for us all.

And "Heavy Cloud" is dedicated to those we've lost recently, and to those who are trying to find their way out from under that cloud.


released 11 December 2014
Written on the evening of December 10, 2014.

Recorded on the afternoon of December 11, 2014.

Cover photo by Chris McKay, taken in Chicago, Illinois on December 7, 2014.

Composed by Chris McKay. All instruments by Chris McKay



all rights reserved


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